1 To draft the contract including the review 契約書作成及び校正
2 To update the company rule 就業規則の更新
3 To draft the Minutes (For example Shareholder/Board of directors meeting, share registry)
4 To obtain the license (Including the renewal and change)   (i.e. construction license) and its yearly report 許認可の取得 (更新及び変更を含む)
5 Annual report to the authority related to the above
Recruiting license, Dispatching license, construction license and Finance license etc.)
許認可に関する役所への年次報告書の準備 (建設業、有料職業紹介事業、派遣事業、金融関係等)
6 Translate the above documents into English 上記書類の英訳
7 Certificate of Employment 職務内容証明書
8 Draft related to the Japanese Company Act etc. 会社法等に関する書類作成
  including drafting/updating the share registry. 株主名簿の作成・更新を含む
9 To contact with the client/officer in English /Japanese 日英を使用し、役所・クライアント様への連絡業務
10 To attend the client from foreign country 海外からの顧客のアテンド業務
11 To discuss with the agent for the import/export goods 海外のエージャントとの輸出入に関する納期調整
12 To get the original company/real estate/seal registry from the Legal Affairs Bureau.
Please note that the actual cost is required.
13 To get the information of the company registry from the legal affairs Bureau. Please note that it costs 337 yen for each and it takes about 5 min. to get the information.  登記情報取得 (取得時間5分)
14 To file the Contract 契約書整理
15 To get the company information from the research company 帝国データバンクより書類の取得
16 To check the legal matter with the officer 役所への問い合わせ業務
17 To ask the attorney for the issue, if necessary.
Please note that the fee for the attorney is required.
18 To get the Certificate of local inhabitant tax due for the year and the certificate of local inhabitant tax paid.
Please note that I need the power of attorney which I prepare.
19 To contact with the client/office in English /Japanese 日英を使用し、役所・クライアント様への連絡業務
20 To arrange for the disclose the balance sheet based on the Japanese Company Act. 決算書の官報公告手配
21 To get the certificate from the officer 役所からの証明書取得業務
22 To submit the application documents to the officer 申請書提出業務
23 To obtain the Visa  ビザの取得
24 Arrangement for Adult guardianship 任意成年後見業務








Arrangement for the Certification of contents,Testament and the Heritage division consultation document.

Getting the Certificate of the garage
Change of Name for the Car

Administration work and book keeping

 Authentication of the private document 

Arrangement for Apostille







  NOTE 注意事項
  The expense occurs at the administrative institution. 役所等では、手数料が発生いたします。
  Traffic expenses are needed if I go to your office to draft the documents. また、事務所にて就業させていただく場合は、交通費が発生いたします。
まずはお問い合わせください。/Please contact us for your business support.


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